Hello fellow Rodan and Fields business owner! No matter if you are a brand new consultant, or an Rfx leader, this app will help you get the most out of every minute you spend working your business each day. 

What we have created is an easy to use, but still robust, app that lets you organize and grow your business as a Rodan + Fields consultant. From initial conversation with a potential customer all the way to team management. We have it all covered here to help you grow your business. Some key features - 


  •  Contact management

  • Reach out to your contacts and record data about the conversation

  • Customize date for follow ups

  • Receive notifications when it's time to follow up with contacts

  • Track your personal, team, and L1+L2 psqv

  • Project your commission growth over time based on your current team volume and historical volume

  • Post to Facebook, PM or text message contacts and teammates...without leaving the app

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RF Here We Grow FAQ


Which of my contacts should I import into the RF Here We Grow?

The easiest thing to do when importing contacts is to click "Select All" and then import. If there is a contact that isn't a fit for your business then you can always mark them as "Ignore" in the Organize Contacts section of the application. This way they won't clutter up the Reachouts section of the application or show up the next time you need to import more contacts.

Will my contacts be notified when they are imported?

No. Your contacts will never be contacted through RF Here We Grow unless you explicitly reach out to them or tag them in a Facebook post. The contacts imported into the application are only there to help you manage your business relationship with them.

Why don't I see all my Facebook Freinds when I attempt to import contacts?

On April 4th 2018, Facebook changed how their APIs work in response to the revelations about how Cambridge Analytica was leveraging people's data. This change limited the amount of data RF Here We Grow can see about your friends. Now only Friends who also have the RF Here We Grow app will show up as contacts you can import. This works well for connecting with your team mates, but not so much with prospective customers. We are currently working on a workaround so people can manually enter Facebook contacts rather than importing them in the next version.


How should I log into the RF Here We Grow application?

You can sign into the application either using your Facebook login or by providing an email and password when prompted in the sign in screen. Apart from that there is really no difference.


My application is failing to login via Facebook... why?

It has come to our attention that people may have problems logging into RF Here We Grow using the "Login With Facebook" button. We are hard at work to address this issue and will be releasing a bug fix version ASAP. In the mean time you can still use an email address and password to log into RF Here We Grow, even if you used Facebook to login previously. All of your data will be right where you left it.